In 2010, the Skyline Foundation launched this ambitious project to convert 8,000 sq ft of the hospital's existing lower level into flexible community rooms. The overall goal of this project is to create a gathering place that can serve community groups, local businesses, nonprofits, families, patients, and hospital staff.

More specifically, through this project we will:

- Develop flexible meeting space that can serve groups ranging in size from 2–200;
- Outfit these rooms with up-to-date technology;
- Provide some economic support for local businesses through reduced travel/time costs and some increased business for event-related businesses; and
- Assist the hospital in developing a cafeteria in the lower level to serve these meeting rooms, community members, patients, families, and staff.

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From the smallest nonprofit that wants to throw a volunteer appreciation party to the largest business that wants to host a new employee training, the Washington side of the river does not offer space that is both large enough and adequately equipped to host these events. This costs these groups and businesses time and money that could be better spent serving their clients and customers on this side of the river.

Through this project, we will be able to keep these events in our community, which will not only serve the community groups themselves, but also provide an economic boost to the local economy.

This new space will also serve patients, their families, and community members by providing a quiet place for friends and family members. Currently, there is no comfortable place at the hospital for family and friends to wait for a patient or a doctor with test results. This new, finished space will allow them to get a cup coffee and enjoy the natural beauty of the Gorge while they wait.

Ways to Give

Your support at any level is greatly appreciated. The options below are the most common ways for individuals, families, and businesses to make donations. You can just hit the Donate Now button! If you have any questions about making a donation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please also see the list of naming opportunities that are available.

Cash Donations

Cash, check, credit card, online donation — they are all tax-deductible.


Payable over two years. Tax-deductible the year the payment is made.

Matching Gifts

Please check with your employer, many match gifts made by their employees and families.

Naming Opportunities

In order to recognize special gifts to this project, the Skyline Foundation is offering the following naming opportunities on a first-come, first-served basis.

Community Space - $100,000
Cafeteria - $100,000
HeliPad - $25,000
Backyard Outdoor Patio - $25,000
Kitchen - $10,000
River Meeting Room - $5,000
Mt Hood Meeting Room - $5,000
Gorge View Meeting Room - $5,000
Klickitat Meeting Room - $5,000
Quiet Corner - $5,000
Meeting Room Technology - $5,000
Cafeteria Tables (10) - $1,000
Reading Chairs (6) - $750
Patio Planters (4) - $500
Cafeteria Chairs (25) - $250

For more information on these naming opportunities, please contact Elizabeth Vaivoda at 509.637.2602 or

Total Project Cost

The total project cost is approximately $700,000 (based on initial contractor estimates). As of February 2011, more than $102,000 has been committed to the project. More than $55,000 of this has come through donations from more than 100 individuals, including more than 55 hospital employees, who have given through payroll deductions making donations ranging in size from $5 to $5,000. Additionally, each Foundation Board member, each Hospital Board member, and each Department Manager has made a donation to the project. The Skyline Hospital Board itself has matched these donations on a 2:1 basis, up to $40,000. We are well on our way!

Donate Online

Simply click the Donate Now button and follow the on-screen instructions.


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